Recording traces – documenting and creating memories of migration – WORKSHOP registration open

Babylonia invites… archivio delle memorie migranti

Recording traces – documenting and creating memories of migration through storytelling practices and participatory media

10-12 November
Babylonia, Cuvrystr. 23a


Dagmawi Yimer director and filmmaker, Archivio delle Memorie Migranti and
Alexandra D’Onofrio co-founder of Asnada, Dr in Anthropology Media and Performance

Recording traces: Our Places.

Storytelling and participatory media through photography and sound
Saturday – november 11th , 9.30 – 18 h

The proposed workshop facilitated by Dagmawi Yimer and Alexandra D’Onofrio has the aim to introduce participants to the use and employment of a variety of media as a means of self-expression, self-reflection and collective research. The topic of the workshop, „My/Our Places“, will introduce participants to two primary methods: photography and sound recordings. It will encourage participants to depict places of their neighbourhoods where they feel particularly at home, welcome and/or connected to others. Though the final outputs of the workshop will be shown at the end of the second day, it is worth to bear in mind that participatory and collaborative methods require time and tend to privilege the learning processes participants go through.

*While this is about sharing stories, your privacy and anonymity will be guaranteed.*

if you want to join the workshop, please send an email by the 7th November at:
event [at] babylonia [dot] de

Number of participants is limited, participation on all three days is not a must, but will be prioritised.
Please tell us what motivates you to join the workshop, specify if you can bring any equipment (photocamera, computer, sound recorder), and what languages you understand and/or speak.

The week-end opens with a SCREENING and round table
„Recording traces: documenting and creating memories of migration through storytelling practices and participatory media“
Friday – november 10th, 20.30 h
screening of short movies by Dagmawi Yimer, Alexandra D’Onofrio and from Archivio Memorie Migranti
open discussion with Dagmawi Yimer and Alexandra D’Onofrio

and concludes with a PUBLIC PRESENTATION of workshop results
Screening of the videos produced during the workshop and final discussion

Sunday – november 12th , 18h

No registration is necessary for the screenings.

Organisiert im Zusammenarbeit mit
realisiert aus Mitteln der DKLB

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