Recording Traces – screening & discussion

Babylonia is very happy to invite you to a SCREENING again:
This time, we are going to watch short movies from Archivio delle Memorie Migranti (Rome, Italy).
After the screening, we have an open DISCUSSION with Dagmawi Ymer (director and filmmaker, Archivio delle Memorie Migranti) and Alexandra DÂ’Onofrio (co-founder of Asnada, Dr in Anthropology Media and Performance) on: „Recording traces – documenting and creating memories of migration through storytelling practices and participatory media“.
Screening and discussion shall invite you as well to a workshop-weekend taking place at Babylonia with Dagmawi Ymer and Alexandra D’Onofrio:
WORKSHOP „Recording traces: My/Our Places. Storytelling and participatory media through photography and sound“. Saturday, november 11th , 9.30 – 18 h + Sunday afternoon, november 12th.
If you want to join the workshop, please register asap via email:
event [at] babylonia [dot] de
Please precise which languages you understand and/or speak, if you can bring any technical equipment, and what is your main motivation for the workshop. Thx!
*While this is about sharing stories, your privacy and anonymity will be guaranteed.*
All events are free to attend.
Please bring your own drinks/snacks.

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