Manana Insh’allah + One Year Home (film-screening)

Babylonia invites you to a screening of 2 long short films focusing on migrants‘ lifes in Melilla, European city on the African continent, and in a refugee camp in Lietzen, close to the German-Polish border: Wednesday, 1st November 2017, 7:30 p.m., at Babylonia!1
Afterwards Q & A with Omar Akahare, author of „One Year Home“. Further discussions very welcome!

* Manana Insh’allah (2015, by Otto Reuschel, Mattia Carraro, Lea Lazic)
Ilies is driving through the city night and day. He is an irregular taxi driver from Morocco who has been living in the Spanish territory since his birth . Nevertheless, he is not able to get the necessary documents in order to regularize his stay and live a peaceful life.
Aomar and Mohammed, two of a big group of Moroccan teenagers, are living between the rocks next to the harbor. They wish to be able to slink someday into a commercial ship, which will take them to the long-time yearned European continent.
Climako, is a young Cameroonian who has been trapped in Melilla for over 5 years. After his expulsion from the Centre for Temporary Stay of Immigrants, he was forced to live in an improvised camp next to it, where he moved 7 months ago. Prisoner of a turbid bureaucracy, he faces a great uncertainty about his future.
Following these three stories, the authors of „Manana Insh’allah“ try to depict the migratory situation in Melilla, Spanish exclave in Morocco, and representative icon of the so called reception and integration policies of the European Union.

* One Year Home (2017, by Omar Akahare)
„One Year Home“ is the first part of an exhibition and film project, which follows the lives of refugees from all over the world, starting in Lietzen in a remote camp on the german-polish border east of Berlin. The syrian filmmaker Omar Akahare and the german photographer Lorenz Kienzle met in that camp at the end of 2015. Omar leaving behind a country at war, starting his new life in Lietzen and Lorenz originally just visiting the camp once, but so fascinated by the people he met, became friends and started working together on this project. They both want to find out how the lives of mothers and fathers, children and single young persons will evolve. What will happen with the expectations they have toward a safer and better future in Germany?

* Free entry! Bring your own drinks: support the local Spätis…

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