17 december, 8 p.m. * live film * „Es war einmal in Café Kotti“

Recording Traces – screening & discussion

Babylonia is very happy to invite you to a SCREENING again: This time, we are going to watch short movies from Archivio delle Memorie Migranti (Rome, Italy). After the screening, we have an open DISCUSSION with Dagmawi Ymer (director and filmmaker, Archivio delle Memorie Migranti) and Alexandra DÂ’Onofrio (co-founder of Asnada, Dr in [...]

Recording traces – documenting and creating memories of migration – WORKSHOP registration open

Babylonia invites… archivio delle memorie migranti

Recording traces – documenting and creating memories of migration through storytelling practices and participatory media

10-12 November Babylonia, Cuvrystr. 23a


Dagmawi Yimer director and filmmaker, Archivio delle Memorie Migranti and Alexandra D’Onofrio co-founder of Asnada, Dr in Anthropology Media and Performance

WORKSHOP Recording [...]

Manana Insh’allah + One Year Home (film-screening)

Babylonia invites you to a screening of 2 long short films focusing on migrants’ lifes in Melilla, European city on the African continent, and in a refugee camp in Lietzen, close to the German-Polish border: Wednesday, 1st November 2017, 7:30 p.m., at Babylonia!1 Afterwards Q & A with Omar Akahare, author of “One Year [...]

Remanescentes: Film + Discussion

REMANESCENTES (Remainders) Raphaël Grisey, 2015, 93 min

Remanescentes is a documentary essay on the quilombola question (quilombos are communities of descendants of former slaves) and the complex relations the Brazilian people maintain with their origins. Raphaël Grisey follows and interweaves together two situations of struggle for the right to land, while introducing the [...]

3° Encontro: CONTRAGOLPE

Convidamos a comunidade brasileira para um terceiro encontro na próxima segunda, dia 9 de maio. Vamos continuar as conversas e trabalhar no manifesto. (Aqui está o texto do panfleto que preparamos para o 1° de maio)

Por favor, quem puder, traga petiscos e bebidas. Na Kantine é possível preparar chá e tem copos, [...]