June, 25th : Workshop on Intersectionality

What does intersectionality have to do with me?
Going beyond intersectionality as a buzzword

The workshop introduces the concept of intersectionality through a collective reflection based on individual experiences. Intersectionality seeks to define and take into account the overlapping oppressions that people experience.
However, it is often used as a ‘diversity buzzword’ without bringing about a deeper change. We believe that incorporating intersectionality into our artistic/activist/professional practice and personal relations requires a strongly self-critical perspective. During the workshop, we will work with a wide range of methods that enable a collective reflection based on our lived experiences. While learning about and recognising the genealogy of the concept and the application of this perspective we will work with our own privileges and experiences of oppression and the ones we can see in our local context. We aim to induce the transformation of our practices working with our stories, emotions and bodies.
The workshop is open to everyone regardless of their previous knowledge about intersectionality and we can accommodate specific needs regarding language.

Kitti Baracsi is an educator and researcher with a background in Communication, Aesthetics and Pedagogy. She worked as an educator and facilitator in marginal contexts and as a researcher on gender, education, migration and housing in Hungary, Italy, Spain and Portugal. She is specialised in collaborative interventions in education and research in contexts of urban conflicts with children, young people and women.

TuTela Network is an informal and open international collective that aims to build connections between marginalised experiences within activism, education and community work, from a feminist perspective. Connecting and giving visibility to local experiences from (semi)margins means taking a radical position against the current dynamics of knowledge production and the machine of “best practices”. We co- produce multilingual educational materials in the forms of videos, articles, cartographies and other creative and collaborative formats to create a space of inspiration and mutual learning of activists and professionals around the globe.

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