Please be aware

After a wallet had already been stolen during the break time of a language class on Friday, a bag was stolen during the political linocut workshop in Babylonia on Saturday. The bag was then found near Babylonia, but the wallet inside (with passport and visa) was not there any more.

We want to share our solidarity with the persons who got their belongings stolen, and ask you all to keep your eyes open these days, coming to Babylonia, if you find the wallets thrown away somewhere around. We hope that we can help to get back the lost important documents.

As it sadly happens sometimes that things are stolen in Babylonia and in Kerngehäuse, we want to state here that Babylonia is a collective and political project, open to anyone. And that we want to keep it open and safe to any individual coming here. We do not like borders, walls and neither locked doors. And we want keep beliving in openess, sharing and self-responsability. We ask you to be with us – here and everywhere – with awareness and shared responsability, in order to keep all together safe and confortable the spaces we love and we believe in.

Thanks, Babylonia

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